Char Siu-Asian Barbecue Sauce

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Product Description-Premium Char Siu-Asian Barbecue Sauce

As Hungry Uncle often gets the urge to wander, he couldn’t stay planted in the USA for too long. Asia was calling. What could be more fascinating than visiting of some the oldest cultures on earth? Now since you’ve gotten to know just a bit about him, you know the answer…the food of course! After 24 hours of flying and crossing multiple time zones Hungry Uncle was feeling a bit jet lagged and needed something to pick him up. He made the decision to indulge in a big bowl of pork and vegetables which he thought would do the trick. Since Hungry Uncle doesn’t speak much Chinese and the guys in the shop didn’t speak much English the inevitable happened. The moderately spicy dish he ordered turned out to be a volcanic eruption in a bowl. Despite the pain he kept eating as the steam kept pouring out of his ears. The flavors were just too good stop.  All that heat must have done something to clear the cobwebs. Suddenly he realized that there was something just vaguely familiar about the taste-minus the crippling spice of course. Yes, it reminded him of the addictive Asian-style spare ribs his grandmother made when he was a boy. What if, Hungry Uncle thought, he could pay homage that earlier time?  After weeks of pouring over old family recipes and months in the kitchen, success was his. Hungry Uncle’s Char Siu was ready for the world.

Hungry Uncle’s Char Siu is something truly different.  You’ll find a broad palate of Asian flavors and an aromatic nose in a sauce with greater depth and dimension than most Asian offerings.

Fruit, gluten free soy sauce (Tamari), hot pepper, real sugar and honey (no high fructose corn syrup), fragrant five-spice, and more deliver a full spectrum of flavors…sweet, hot and tart with aromas that will linger after the cooking is done. Whether used for cooking or as a condiment, this product compliments pork/pork ribs, chicken, duck, beef, shrimp, scallops, salmon and more.

Inspired by Asia, born in New Jersey, produced in the USA. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

Shelf Stable-refrigerate after opening
No high fructose corn syrup
No gluten ingredients

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