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A warm welcome to all –

After nearly twenty-five years owning and managing commercial real estate, I could no longer resist the temptation. While food and beverage has never been my profession, it’s something that has brought me endless amounts of enjoyment, education and creative outlet as well as a fair measure of frustration-things don’t always turn out perfectly in the kitchen! The thought of engrossing myself professionally in these was exciting and bit unnerving at the same time. There are few if any businesses that present a greater challenge. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and encouragement from family and friends, Hungry Uncle Foods was born.

With my new “child” coming onto the scene I had to focus on a clear direction forward. I knew that I wanted to incorporate my love of cooking and writing into this endeavor however as someone firmly planted in middle-age becoming a chef was out of the question. Food writer for some sort of publication? Not an option either. I was never very good at working for others. We all have to know our shortcomings, don’t we? What could I do to share my passion with as many as possible without losing my independence? Sauce and food blogging were the answer.

With the sauce, I wanted others to taste the years of experimentation in the kitchen. I’ve tried to blend exotic and everyday ingredients in ways that haven’t been previously explored. There are many fine sauces on the market but I hope you will find mine a unique and different premium option. As to the blogging, no, there will be no set schedule or format, just a venue where I can present and other can respond to unbiased information and interviews, subjective reviews, recipes and just about anything else related to eating, cooking and drinking. Whether you’re a professional, novice or enthusiast I hope you will find this endeavor as enjoyable as I do.



Mitchell Danzis

The “Hungry Uncle”

From the mind and palate of Mitchell Danzis aka the Hungry Uncle, world’s only CFF, Certified Food Fanatic (self-appointed), comes a selection of sauces and other condiments. Inspired by his travels around the world he crafts products meant to take you to the place that encouraged their creation.


Hungry Uncle’s Creations